Emergency Repairs

Emergencies are likely to cause immediate injury or death or significant damage to your home.

An Emergency Repair is the minimum work required to isolate the issue and make it safe.  Once safe, the issue is not an emergency.

Response target time is to make safe (where possible) within 24 hours.

A further appointment will be made to carry out a permanent repair.

Emergency is a very different issue than Urgent or Inconvenient. 

Please do not report a repair as an Emergency if it is not, otherwise you will be liable for costs.

Smell gas or detect a gas leak  - call National Gas Emergency service 0800 111 999

Fire or Floor - call 999

Burst Pipe - turn off the water mains at the stop tap. (normally under the kitchen sink/airing cupboard/bathroom/under stairs cupboard)

Electrical Emergency - turn off the fuse off at the fuse board.

Emergencies still have to be reported via the reporting system.

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